Boxing is an incredibly unpredictable sport.

Box.Live is a small and lean operation, without big financial backing or sponsors.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a simple set of rules to help us smooth out the chaos boxing frequently serves up and protect ourselves and our users against potential issues.

Despite some rules and guidelines, we’ll always endeavour to try our best to make the game fun, fair and do things right for our players.

By entering ‘6 to 12’ you agree that you understand these simple rules and are bound by these terms and conditions.  

Entry Eligibility

To enter, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a resident in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, or Australia.
  • Only submit one entry per person and household/residency.
  • Have a valid Box.Live account, with email communication permissions turned on.
  • Enter and confirm your 6 predictions via the entry form on: Box.Live/6to12


Box.Live reserve the right to cancel a player’s entry at any point, in the case of, but not limited to:

  • If they are unable to prove entry eligibility when claiming a prize.
  • Entries made after our closing time.
  • Multiple entries by the same person on different accounts.
  • Entries via proxy IPs.
  • Use of false information on sign-up.
  • Fraudulent entries after the fights have finished.
  • Unsuitable social media behaviour around the game or materials with our logo.


Each ‘6 Rounds to 12 Grand’ game typically happens over a single weekend.

There are two competitions within ‘6 Rounds to 12 Grand’ that players can enter.

The ‘Main Game’ where the aim is to correctly pick the outcome and margin of victory of 6 contests and win the top prize of £12,000.

If no one wins the ‘Main Game’, the ‘League Game’ uses a point-based system to work out which players had the best predictions overall in a game weekend.

Users are entered into the ‘League Game’ if they generate an image of their predictions and share it via a status that tags Box.Live’s social account (so we can verify it) and displays the URL ‘Box.Live/6to12’ so others know where to enter.

Main Games Rules

‘6 to 12’ is a simple game where users predict the outcome and margin of victory of 6 boxing contests within a given weekend.

Closing time for entries is usually 2 hours before the first estimated ring time of the 6 contests.

Individual contest predictions are scored out of 20 points.

Where either fighter is predicted to be victorious:

  • 10 points are awarded for predicting the correct victorious boxer, and if that is achieved:
  • 5 additional points for the correct method of victory, and if that is achieved:
  • 5 additional points for correctly predicting the range of points margin or the period of the fight will end.

If a draw is predicted:

  • 10 points are awarded for correctly predicting a draw, and if that is achieved:
  • 10 additional points are awarded for predicting the correct type of draw (Split, majority or standard draw).

If 20 points are achieved, a prediction is considered ‘perfect’ in ‘6 to 12’.

To win the top prize of £12,000 ($15,000 USD), a player must predict 6 contests perfectly, scoring a total of 120 points in the game/round.

If more than one player receives a ‘perfect score’ on all 6 contests on a game week, the top prize will be divided between those players.

All valid entries can win the ‘Main Game’ top prize.

Point Margins

If a players thinks that a contest will end in a decision victory for a fighter, they can select a margin range of ¼ (one quarter) of the total standard points available based on the length of the contest.


12 Rounds = 3-point margin
6 rounds = 1.5-point margin   

Points margins are calculated based on the mean average victory margin of all 3 official scorecards.


120 – 108 on all 3 scorecards will be an average margin of 12 points.

115 – 113 on all 3 scorecards would create an average margin of 2 points.

Total Round Calculation

If a player thinks that a contest will end in stoppage victory for a fighter (KO, TKO, RTD), they can select a margin range of ¼ (one quarter) of the total fight time based on the length of the contest.

12 rounds = 3 full round period
6 rounds = 1 & a half round period

The official end time announced at the completion of the fight will be used to calculate the total rounds. If that information isn’t broadcast or obstructed due to language, we may use a reputable media source as confirmation.

For 10 & 6 Round contests, where half rounds margins are used, totals are calculated by using the fractional amount of the round that has been completed.

00:00 – 1:30 = < 0.5
1:31 – 3:00 = > 0.5

Voided Scores

To keep the game simple, and the interface usable, we must place restrictions on certain ‘decision’ outcomes, that will void all entries for the method and/or the victory margin.

Points Margins Voids

1# Unusual points margin: If a points margin exceeds 12 points, or due to large variations between cards, has a negative margin, all players will score 0.

2# Technical decisions: All players will score 0 for their points margin predictions.

In both circumstances, the first 15 points for the winner and decision prediction points will still count towards the ‘League Game’.

Disqualifications Voids

In the event of disqualifications, outcome and margin scores will be voided, but the 10 points for the correct fighter will still count towards the league game.

League Game Rules

If a perfect score isn’t achieved and the main prize isn’t won during a round, users that opt into the ‘League Game’ will share a prize of £500 between them.

To enter, players must follow the instructions on the ‘6 to 12’ interface to:

  • Generate an image of their predictions using the ‘6 to 12’ interface.
  • Share the image unedited on their social media & tag Box.Live’s account.
  • Be following Box.Live’s account on that social platform.
  • Clearly identify how others can enter.

Top scoring players who do this will then share a prize pot of £500 between them.

Depending on how many players tie for the top score of that week, will decide how much of a share of the prize they receive. No one player will receive more than £250, with the rest spilt among the other players in the most practical way.

The minimum prize is £10, so if the prize division is lower, players with the same score will be tie broken, firstly:

  1. Number of correct fighter victory predicted
  2. Correct prediction of week’s main fight
  3. Closest to middle range of margin/rounds in the week’s main fight

Box.Live will need to be able to verify your social media post was correctly posted by viewing the live post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter before confirming your prize claim.

Dealing With Fight Cancellations & Changes

If after the announcement of a new ‘6 to 12’ game, one or more of the game’s 6 fights:

  • Is cancelled
  • Has an opponent changed
  • Has a fight length/rounds changes

we reserve the right to invalidate all entries on that fight made before the update or cancel that week’s game completely.

If we continue with a reduced number of contests, the top prize will become unavailable, however, we continue the league game for players that meet the sharing entry eligibility.

Prize Money

‘League Game’ prize money can be claimed by following a link to a claim form that will appear for eligible users.

All prize claims must be made within 21 days of the closing time of games. All ‘League Game’ prize money will be paid in UK pounds.

‘League Game’ prize money will paid within 15 working days of valid claims being verified, by Paypal.

The ‘Main Game’ prize winners will have their prize paid by bank transfer. The user takes responsible for any bank fees or charges for receiving the transfer.

The prize will be paid in UK pounds, for UK winners and international winners, or $15,000 for users residing in the United States.

Box.Live is not responsible for inaccurate payments details if provided, issues or account holds with the player’s bank when receiving the money.

Players agree to take part in promotional material relating to their victory.

Closing Time

Closing time for entries is usually 2 hours before the first estimated ring time of the 6 contests. However, Box.Live reserves the right to change a game weeks closing time at any point to reflect the actual ringwalk time of the first bout in the game week.

Proof of Entry

The generated sharing images are not proof of entry. Entries are decided on what is entered into the Box.Live database via the interface on our website.

Your official entry can be confirmed by viewing box.live/predictions

Box.Live is not responsible for technical faults on the player’s device that would prevent them from submitting their entries fully, or correctly.

Correcting Technical & Points Errors

Box.Live reserves the right to delay or recalculate point calculations based on technical fault or human error.

If technical fault is found with our interface, we reserve the right to cancel a game completely.

Cancellation, Rules & Eligibility Changes

Box.Live reserves the right to update the rules or eligibility requirements at any time. We also reserve the right to cancel the game or a game week at any time, in the face of technical faults, cyber-attacks/manipulation or any other issues deemed appropriate.

Final Words

The game is free to enter, and you are not entitled to any compensation for taking part.

You are also bound by the site’s wider terms and conditions.

Our prediction game and website are regulated by the laws of England.

Any questions and queries can be directed to us via our contact form.

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