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When boxing becomes coherent, it’s able to grow and reach an audience outside of the mega fights, and finally take its throne as the king of sports. Box.Live wants to support other independent boxing blogs and publishers to help us fulfil our joint mission of making the sport easy to follow.

If you’re in the business of creating great boxing content, we’ll handle the administration of keeping your Schedule, Results and Rankings pages updated, hourly, for free.

Why is this data important?

Boxing is incredibly fractured. Unlike other sports, we don’t have a unifying body, set schedule or format for the whole sport to organise around. The sport is split between the competing interests of four different world governing bodies, many promoters, and broadcasters, across different continents. Boxing has to resell itself constantly, event to event.

Being so close to the action, as publishers and as hardcore fans, it’s hard for us to appreciate how difficult it is for someone for curious about the sport to start following boxing. Having these cornerstones, of what’s happening, what happened, and who’s best at world level, are at the very foundation of creating fans who follow the sport outside of the mega fights.

It’s important to your ambitions too

You’ve worked hard for a loyal following. You have the opportunity to provide them with even more free content and give them even more reason to come back to your site and platform. That will help increase your traffic, following and loyalty to support your own ambitions

What data is available?

Schedule: A curated list of dates, venue, undercards, TV and title details of every major fight.

Results: Our scheduled feed ticks over with the result details added.

Rankings: The top 15 from the 4 major governing bodies between Heavyweight and Flyweight.

News: An RSS feed of curated stories from the biggest and most respected media outlets in the sport.

All of these are updated hourly and would appear immediately on your site.

The admin on keeping these updated is hard work

Creating and maintaining a reliable schedule is hard work. You have to manage a constant stream of new fight announcements, cancellations, broadcasting details, ringwalk times, injuries, date and venue changes. It can feel like a part-time job within itself. Box.Live monitors countless news article, press releases and social media accounts to keep on top of everything to provide our own curated world level schedule feed.

Results are a little easier, but they still have to be updated in the early hours of a weekend.

Rankings are a massive ask too. You have to create, organise and display a list over 1000 names just maintain a list of the top 15 in every weight division across the major governing bodies. The four major governing bodies also don’t follow scheduled release dates each month, meaning you have to check in with them constantly to catch updates.

Box.Live has a team constantly maintaining all these. So why not leverage all our hard work?

It’s free and easy to use

We’ve made the data as easy as possible to display to your audience.

For publishers using WordPress, we’ve developed a plugin that allows publishers to install into their site and show the data within seconds. You can utilize a small shortcode to display the data in a full page, or a widget to display the abridged data in your sidebar.

For creators on different platforms, we’re able to provide custom RSS feeds and solutions to display the data seamlessly too.

We’ll even create a custom CSS file for you, to ensure the data display matches your branding and site design as closely as possible.

This isn’t some clunky widget. We want the data to appear on your site as if it was your own.

Why is Box.Live providing this data for free? What’s the catch?

Our mission is to provide the sport with standardised data formatting to help connect the sport with more fans.

We’ll ask you to support us by displaying a small logo at the bottom of the data, with link attribution to help us with our brand recognition.

Giving away our product isn’t a zero-sum game for us. In the digital age, and with a sport with so much potential, we’re all able to grow 10x bigger as platform and content creators if we work together.

Getting access, setup help or a demo

If you’re ready to join us and get this data into your site, reach out to us at Team at Box dot. Live or use our contact form and we’ll arrange getting you set up ASAP.

Let’s grow the sport together!

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