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Friday 18th January 2019

  • Andrade vs Akavov
  • 26-0-0 19-2-0
  • WBO World Middleweight Championship

  • Ringwalk : 2019-01-19T04:00:00Z
  • Doheny vs Takahashi
  • 20-0-0 16-3-1
  • IBF World Junior Featherweight Championship

  • Ringwalk : 2019-01-19T04:00:00Z
  • Linares vs Cano
  • 45-4-0 29-5-1
  • Eliminator For: WBC World Super Lightweight Championship

  • Ringwalk : 2019-01-19T01:00:00Z

Saturday 26th January 2019

  • Munguia vs Inoue
  • 31-0-0 13-0-1
  • WBO World Junior Middleweight Championship

  • Ringwalk : 2019-01-27T04:00:00Z
  • Rojas vs Xu
  • 26-2-2 15-2-0
  • WBA World Featherweight Championship

  • Ringwalk : 2019-01-27T03:00:00Z

Saturday 2nd February 2019

Saturday 9th February 2019

  • Machado vs Cancio
  • 21-0-0 19-4-2
  • WBA World Super Featherweight Championship

  • Ringwalk : 2019-02-10T03:00:00Z
How to Watch DAZN For Free

DAZN is a streaming service or app just like Netflix or Hula, but for live sport like boxing.

You register online, then use your login details to access the fight or on-demand programs and replays.

Like most streaming services, you can watch it on smartphones, tablets, computers, and game consoles.

To watch the Canelo fight on your TV, if you don’t have a SmartTV already, you can use Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Just search for the DAZN app on your platform or connect the stream from your phone like Netflix’s or YouTube.

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DAZN, which is also pronounced as “Da Zone,” is a subscription service dedicated solely to sports. The UK-based company has been around for just a few years but is already showing they will be able to provide plenty of great sports events. Among their 8,000 sports events offered annually is boxing and they will be able to offer a lot of fights within the United States.

The company officially launched in 2015 from London, England. The sports entertainment network initially planned to offer its streaming media, video on demand, and internet television sports programs in Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. Italy and the United States were scheduled to receive exclusive sports content after that.

As the company continues its initial launch, they are also working out deals with various sports promotions. Bellator mixed martial arts is one of the fight sports that the network will offer. However, they are also bringing a great deal of boxing to American viewers thanks to a new business association with Matchroom Boxing.

In May 2018, the network entered into the major broadcasting deal along with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing promotion. Through this estimated $1 billion deal, the network can now stream 32 cards per year on the newer American version of their service. The groundbreaking deal was set up for two years to bring 16 British Sky Sports PPV cards and 16 events from the United States. The US-based boxing cards are presented under the Matchroom Boxing USA banner.

Possible fighters and first US main event

With the deal comes the potential for some major fighters and cards. While unconfirmed, one of the fighters who has been linked up with Perform, the owners of the sports network, is Anthony Joshua. Deontay Wilder is another boxing star who has been mentioned as having a possible fight and maybe the newer sports network could carry his event. As Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing deal is still fresh, he’s in the process of trying to sign some major names for the network.

One of the first major main events that the network could show in the United States is the anticipated Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin fight. As of June 2018, a deal had not yet been finalized, but it was known that Joshua’s WBA heavyweight title defense was scheduled for September 22. Speculation started to build that this fight would be a major way for the network to launch for US viewers. It would be the perfect event to capture the attention of the American audience and get the service streaming in more homes worldwide.

DAZN would blow the boxing world away by announcing a $300M ten fight deal with the Sport’s biggest Pay-Per-View star, Canelo. All of Canelo’s fights will now be available to stream via a regular DAZN subscription. Previously, fans had been asked to pay up to $80 to watch his fights on HBO PPV.

Streaming DAZN

DAZN will start at $9.99 for new subscribers in the US, with a free trial for a month.

The streaming and video on demand service gives viewers plenty of options to watch their content on different devices. The service is available to viewers through computers, mobile phones or tablets, set-top boxes, select video game systems, and smart TVs. Each of these devices requires a different app, channel, or set-up to watch the content.

To watch streaming content online through a laptop or personal computer, viewers can head to the http://watch.dazn.com website on an internet browser. To use the service on a mobile device, viewers will need to download an app through Google Play Store (for Android) or through Apple’s App Store (for iOS).

In addition, the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Chromecast, and Roku are all supported devices. Viewers will need to add or install an app or channel on their specific device in order to watch the streaming and on-demand content. More details for how to watch on different devices is available through the DAZN website.

Boxing on ESPN

Friday 18th January 2019

Andrade vs Akavov

WBO World Middleweight Championship
Madison Square Garden, New York, United States
12 Rounds @ Middleweight

Doheny vs Takahashi
IBF World Junior Featherweight Championship
12 Rounds @ Super Bantamweight
Linares vs Cano
10 Rounds @ Super Lightweight
Algieri vs Gonzalez
10 Rounds @ Welterweight

Saturday 26th January 2019

Munguia vs Inoue

WBO World Junior Middleweight Championship
Houston, Texas, United States
12 Rounds @ Super Welterweight

Rojas vs Xu
WBA World Featherweight Championship
12 Rounds @ Featherweight

Saturday 2nd February 2019

Garcia vs Cheeseman

O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom
12 Rounds @ Super Welterweight

Ball vs Richards
10 Rounds @ Light Heavyweight