Matthysse vs Pacquiao

  • Matthysse vs Pacquiao
  • 39-4-0 59-7-2
  • TKO 7 TKO 7
  • Score Cards 53-59, 53-59, 53-59
  • Sunday 15th July 2018
  • Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • WBA World Welterweight Championship
  • 12 Round Contest @ Welterweight
  • Tape
  • 35 age 39
  • 5' 7" / 169cm height 5' 5" / 166cm
  • 68.9" / 175cm reach 66.9" / 170cm
  • Orthodox (r) stance Southpaw (l)
  • tape record
  • KO TKO KO MD KO < form UD UD UD UD UD <
  • 39 wins 59
  • 36 by ko 38
  • 92% Ko% 64%
  • 4 Losses 7
  • 0 draws 2
  • 2004 Debut 1995
  • tape rankings @ Welterweight
  • WBA 1
  • WBC
  • WBO
  • IBF

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  • Edwin Mallanao

    When will the tickets be available for the Pacquiao Vs Matthysse fight?

    • Box.Live

      Hi Edwin, as soon as there is an official announcement we’ll update the site.

  • Allan Barnes

    when are the tickets on sale

    • Box.Live

      Hi Allan, as soon as there is an official announcement we’ll update the site.

  • kumander bawang

    when will be the ticket available?

  • Allan Barnes

    Still no news on tickets any clues or ideas

  • Allan Barnes

    Are these tickets available any where at all

  • Johann Alcalde

    Where can we buy the ticket for this fight?

  • Aliazid.erowan

    where can we buy the ticket pacman vs lucas

  • Budol Asenjo

    Yes me too,Looking where to buy Tickets for Pacquiao vs Matthysse, and what will be the average prices?

  • Box.Live

    Sorry Guys, I was told ‘within a week’ 10 days ago 🤷‍♂️ . As soon as I have details I’ll list them for you.

  • kojack

    Ok… pliss notify us.. some of us from borneo would love to come & plan for the trip as soon as we know it.. tq Box Live

  • Javier Orlando

    waiting for tickets from spain! 🙂

  • Ksenia Uleeva

    and how to get the entrance?

  • Johann Alcalde

    I don’t think that this fight will go ahead as there was no tickets available within the next 50 days…so upsetting!

    • Box.Live

      For context, Mayweather Pacquiao tickets were released a week before the fight.

      • Johann Alcalde

        Thank you for your reply.

        However, i was asking Matthysse vs Pacquiao ticket not Mayweather mate.

        • Box.Live

          You’re not the sharpest tool in the box, are you Johann?

        • Masita Rahim

          Hi there! Great news and thanks for sharing. Would you know the tickets price are in which currency? Thanks.

          • Frederick Ong

            I believe they are in US dollars

        • Johann Alcalde

          Thank you Fred!

  • Aliazid.erowan

    how to buy ticket pacman vs matthysse

  • Allan Barnes

    Finally and all sorted k.l here we come

  • Allan Barnes

    Great informative site . Keep up the great work. a+rating

  • Mary Grace

    Good day! All the tickets here are legit? My ticket, stub hub and viagogo??